Em Exact, S.A.

Em Exact, S.A.

Founded in 1963, our company has over 50 years of experience machining micro parts and supplying all sectors that require high precision in their products.

Being the medical and dental sectors two of the most exigent,  EM EXACT, S.A. has been working throughout the last 25 years with the leading manufacturers of dental implants and prosthetic attachments.

The result of this passion for excellence and continuous improvement obsession is born EMEXACT as renowned brand and quality assurance within the dental sector. Quality Policy.

EM Exact, S.A. designs, develops, manufactures and markets dental prosthetic abutments with the knowledge that gives more than 50 years of experience in the dental sector, offering products that save time and money and that guarantee aesthetic and functional prostheses.

Starting from the best raw materials, we manufacture our products using capable and stable processes, considering personal integrity, creativity and innovation as fundamental parts of our daily challenge to continuous improvement.

With our participation in IDS 2019 we try to refroze our international presence, strengthen our brand and take advantage to expand our sales network to other markets. It also helps us to know first-hand the needs of our customers, in a space where innovation and new trends in dental implantology are combined.

As new this year we would highlight the new range of EMEXACT Digital Workflow products focused on facilitating the design and manufacture of prostheses in a 100% digital environment, with which we are proud to offer maximum precision both in the location and in the adjustment of the implant abutments. See our catalog in: