The photo implant project. Improve dental implants with ultraviolet light.

Em Exact, S.A. and Eurecat-CTM are researching superficial advanced treatments to improve the clinic success of the surgical procedures.


Barcelona, March 15th, 2016 – Eurecat-CTM researchers participate in The Photo-Implant project, which investigates the application of advanced surface treatments to improve the clinical success of dental implants through the application of ultraviolet light.

The project, led by EM EXACT S.A. with Eurecat-CTM participation, is focused on the development of an innovative model, combining immediate loading dental implant with a surface activation system by ultraviolet light (UV), which will not only improve substantially the implant osseointegration but will also increase the safety and effectiveness of this type of surgical procedures. This new system will enable surface activation through a conveyor without requiring implant extraction from its interior, ensuring sterilization of the parts, simplifying the procedure and reducing material costs.

EM EXACT, S.A. will feature the collaboration of the company ANODIME, S.L. to develop the implant surface, optimizing the osseointegration properties and its subsequent energy activation.

The Photo-Implant project, which began in early March 2015, has a duration of 2 years and 4 months, a total fundable budget of 368,757 euros.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the Challenges-Collaboration call of the Research, Development and Innovation State Program Facing the Challenges of the Society, under the Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016 State Plan, which aims to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.